A New Outlook

In the Beginning
Let the games begin

The Story So Far…

The Year is 100 PA. No one really knows how long its been since the world was ravaged by magical storms and the ley lines erupted. Time is now measured against the formation of the Coalition.A Human supremisist conglomeration and the largest military force in north america. One hundred years have passed since the coalition brought the loose groups of humanity togeather under one unified roof and the campaign of anti-magic/D-Bee has become notorius. Supernatural, magical, psychic and dimensional creatures of all kinds; refusing to submit to the Coalition’s strict( and often times deadly) registration program; have fled the major centers of man to find refuge in the savage wilderness.

This mass exodus led to large population increases in what were once smaller, insignificant villages and the formation of many other “frontier” towns. One such place is the town of Forsence. A small reasearch village formed by a group of rogue scholars to document the behaviour of the newly discovered Xiticix. It is here where our player characters have made their homes, away from the racism of the coalition states and among more accepting folk. It has been 5 years since the founding of the village and a good trade route and commerce has been established with the port city of Freehold. Freehold trades grains and woods farmed by Forsence for fish and other importable textiles. We join our characters on the morning of June 20th 100PA.


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